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Featured Strain: Romulan

Romulan is out of this galaxy (pun intended). It's very very close to being a pure Indica. It's slight gene variation might be what makes it a unique and therefore popular weed to smoke. It's popularity probably boosts around the time of Star Trek conventions.

New Strain Updates

Master Kush - Indica

Master Kush, a cross of pure the Indica strain Hindu Kush and Skunk, is an Indica hybrid. It is an example of ...More

Cotton Candy (Cotton Candy Kush) - Hybrid

This strain is named Cotton Candy, which is also called Cotton Candy Kush, the "kush" implying ...More

Herijuana - Indica

Herijuana is a quickly rising in fame because of it's smooth ways and seductive sleepy highs. This plant ...More

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