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The "Gear and Arts Reviews" is a critique all sorts of marijuana lifestyle elements, from bongs and pieces to clothing and other accessories

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The Kashtray is a little ash tray that makes it easy for you to empty the ash out of your pipe's bowl after it's all smoked up.


See why it's worth it to buy from small indie shirt shops with Baked Life.

Waterproof, stylish, and hemp; what ore do you need


Comparing the Model 419 to a vaporizer is like comparing a Lamborghini to a Prius. more..

A tiny little credit card sized pipe that comes apart.

Futurola keeps their rollers cheap, and small but it makes them look good too.

Colored and Fumed Spoon
Cool loooking pipe and it changes colors too!!
more... makes the boxes most pot smokers never new they needed until now that is

A very cool bong, with a very stoned little mushroom guy attached to it


This movie was delivered to the Baked Life mailbox, and now you can check it out too.

"Pot smokers, past and present, will best appreciate the fiction debut of UCLA theater professor Ackerman..."Publishers Weekly

This year on 4/20, Michael Konik and the Hunting Press announced the publication of Reefer Gladness, a book of "Stories, Essays, and Riffs on Marijuana" more..

A new Iphone App that searches through marijuana strains
A book of photagrahpy showing stoners, including Doug Benson, rolling joints.