July 23, 2013

Why Zig Zags are Not Awesome For You

It's the 21st Century -- shouldn't your rolling papers catch up?!
If you know someone who smokes Zig Zag rolling papers religiously, that person is most likely a total noob, an old hippie who's been smoking forever, or has no taste. We're not saying Zig Zags aren't okay in a pinch, it's just that there is a big wide world of smoking papers out there for you to try!
If you're a Zig Zag addict, here are three good reasons they're just not that great for you.
1. There are lots of unknown & downright toxic materials on the ingredient list.
Bleach? Wood pulp? YUCK! We know that lots of you like to burn trees, but inhaling the equivalent of campfire smoke is not what that saying is supposed to mean!
Bleach, wood, flax, and secret ingredients they won't tell us about lead to bad taste and harsh burn. It actually disturbs us that this brand is even allowed to be sold in dispensaries to card-carrying sick people!
Apparently the good folks over at RollingPaperDepot.com have a cool promo going on that never expires. Just email the name, birthday, & shipping info of yourself or someone you know who is a staunch Zig Zag supporter. Rolling Paper Depot will then send you an alternative rolling paper with a coupon to save on your next purchase with them if you make the switch. No funny business. (But they limit it to 1 freebie per customer only so they can stay in business to keep rollin' out smokes economically and discreetly forever!)
2. You're spending way too much.
At an average of 2 bucks a pack (on RollingPaperDepot.com at least; your local corner store or gas station is more expensive!), you can do so much better. Trust us. Skunk Brand rolling papers, for example, are an underrated, pure hemp alternative that burn and taste clean. And at a buck and a half per pack (approximately), they won't break your bank.
3. You're supporting bullies.
The parent company of Zig Zag, Top, and Bugler has a huge lobbying arm in bed with the federal government. Because they can't or just plain don't want to improve their product, they are actively trying to get legislation passed that bans anything other than their old, bleached white rolling papers. Geez, what happened to the free market the good ol' USA is famous for?!
In fact, just about the only thing Zig Zag might have gotten right is their glue. They got a glue strip that just won't quit. But, hey…if your new papers aren't sticking like they should, this all-natural, vegan plant-based rolling glue should fix you right up.
If you're ready to make the switch, be sure to look for a single-ingredient, unbleached smoking product. And if you have anything to add on this subject, please contribute in the comments section below!

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