June 13, 2012


As marijuana usage becomes more and more mainstream, old standards like one-hitters and ZigZags will attract more competition. Case in point: iDispensaries.com. Move over WeedMaps! iDispensaries is the new kid in town and packs a lot of potential for the medical marijuana scene.

For starters, you're not just limited to using the iDispensaries platform on your PC or laptop. There are both paid and free versions of the iPhone & Android phone apps. Users can bring the app up on their iPads, but there is no official iPad version as of the writing of this article. iDispensaries simply shows up as the phone sized versions on larger mobile devices and tablets.

When it loads up, iDispensaries has a clean, uncluttered look that is user-friendly. Features like a strain encyclopedia, vendor submissions, and easy to use lookups for 420 friendly businesses are all very easy to find on the home page and just one click away.

The free version of the mobile device app simply lets users search for dispensaries using their location or a different, manually entered zip code with an adjustable search radius. Our test area was the city of Denver and several listings displayed after just a couple of taps.

Vendors can submit their listings for free under a variety of category options; fifteen to be exact. Business information is 100% controlled by the business themselves. Many listings offer patients a 10% off coupon!

Our verdict is that if this platform can get participation from more folks from all corners of the industry (and they will, in time), iDispensaries will be a winner!

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