March 1, 2012

New Single from Rapper & Marijuana Entrepreneur Bobby Tre titled "Nintendo 64"

Bobby Tre Bio:
Born on May 3, 1990, Bobby Tre was brought into the world as a child of music, business and cool vibes. Watching his father, Bobby Dash a music executive at Rocafella Records and Motown Records lead radio promotions for industry greats in the music business, Tre always felt that music shined brighter than a traditional job and was eager to contribute to the music world.

Growing up Bobby Tre was always an ‘A’ student in history classes, who pursued his own research on the Black Panthers’ movement, the late 60s Yippie Era, as well as Scifi and conspiracy theories. He is now pursuing a career as a music artist in addition to becoming an independent Medical Marijuana entrepreneur.

As a youth Tre spent most of his time skateboarding, leaving organized sports behind because relying on team members was usually a let down in some way, shape or form. Skateboarding enabled Bobby Tre to develop his passion, patience, creativity, and determination. Tre describes his hobby as, “you’re not told what to do, how to do it, or when to stop- it’s really up to you how far you take it.”

At 8 years of age, Bobby Tre began writing poetry, and rhymes, only sharing them with family and friends. Now 13 years later, Bobby Tre has launched his music career and is heavily involved with the production and mastering of his sounds. Hard work and determination will be key for a near-future music tour. Bobby Tre conquering the collegiate scene is one of many goals, and together with the Heirs To The Throne, a family alliance, is N.O.W. reality.

Twitter: @BobbyTre

Upcoming Webisode Series: "No Country For Artists"

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