February 8, 2012

S.O.L. Again?

As the presidential primary season grinds on, one thing is becoming clear. While the cannabis community may number in the millions no “white/black/red/yellow or green knight” is riding to the front lines to speak the truth about cannabis. President Obama won’t even chat with us on-line; Mitt Romney is no fan of weed; and I’m quite sure that Newt would hang-us-all-by-the-neck-until-dead if he thought that would put him in the White House. He might do it even without that assurance. Yikes!

And, yes, Ron Paul gets it, but I’m reasonably certain that he’s not going to be his party’s nominee. All this is no reason for us to slink back into our culture of accommodation. We are pushing a string up a hill – difficult, yes, but not impossible. The string is the truth about cannabis. The hill is 70+ years of lies about the same subject. We are working to overcome the lies and the fear. We are the one who have to do this job.

Maybe it’s just our turn to take our political lumps. Through history lots of folks have struggled to have their God-given rights respected. Time has come for us to stand up and demand what should be ours – some privacy. We realize that the drug laws are built from a web of lies and fear. In this world lies and fear are powerful. We know the truth is even more so. We know this because every time people learn why cannabis is illegal, they change their minds about keeping it illegal. And no one is ever surprised to learn we have been victims, yet again, of government lies.

Someday a mainstream political figure is going to ask for our support. That will happen when all who know and love cannabis join with the multitudes who have taken a toke in the past -- don’t now -- but know that, used responsibly, cannabis is a friend. We are a large, diverse population. Someday some mainstream political figure is going to realize just how many votes we represent. You do vote, don’t you?

Our cause is fractured into cliques that don’t communicate with each other as well as we could. That hamstrings our political power. Someday -- today would be good -- we must stand together, side by side, out in the open, and say, “Responsible use is no crime.”

Are you ready to come out for cannabis?

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