January 17, 2012

'Get Lifted' from rapper Taylor Demel

19 yr old Taylor Demel is a self starting rapper out of New Jersey. He sent me the link to his new video along with a rather flattering message. "I love your website, I check on it everyday for new posts, you write some really amazing and interesting articles.", Taylor Demel. Seriously if you want to learn how to get on my good side, this is how.

Anyway, this kid has really got something going on with over 80,000 views on youtube for his latest video for his song "Get Lifted". He's like the Beiber of stoner rap. Actually I don't think he;d like that comparison. Let's just say his style is fresh, and his followers are growing.

Here's his words exactly: " I'm a huge supporter of marijuana, and I'm not just some kid who smokes it, I do plenty of reading and research on the good it could do for so many people.

The song is called "Get Lifted", it's like any pot smokers anthem, and it's off my new free album "Rooftop Dreams" available on Datpiff.com?"

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