January 11, 2012

Cadence 420 Watch Chrono: Subtlety is Key

The 420 Chrono from Cadence Watch.

Subtlety really is key in the world of herb. The lifestyle is social, but you don't really go around telling everyone. Cadence watch had that in mind when they made their new 420 watch. It's a 420 watch but you wouldn't know it unless you already knew it. It's like when people say "It's on a need to know basis" in spy movies. No one will know this is a 420 watch until you tell them.

The 4 o'clock/20 minute tick mark is all greened out. Like their other watches when the two hands line up over the green line you know it's time to smoke. Never miss another 420.

The subtlety is the best feature. It's nice to be able to wear a watch that shows off your lifestyle without drawing any unwanted attention. The only thing that's not 100% awesome on the watch is the strap. It'd be nice if they used something that looked a little less like an old man's belt. But if it's in the of style, it might be okay. Because this watch is just cool not to want.

The 420 Chrono isn't on sale yet but you can pre-order it. Cadence watch usually sells out quickly so if you want it pre-ordering is the way to go.

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