September 6, 2011 - How to Smoke a Vaporizer and More

Vaporizers are the Google + of the stoner smoking device market. We all hoped everyone would switch over, but no one really cares about it. Unlike Google + vaporizers are actually good for you, and you should eventually make the switch. is a site built to aid you in the transition. It's pages are guides to the world of vaping. Vaporizers are a smoke free way to smoke cannabis. It works by releasing the active ingredients of pot into water vapor. Yes this is the future.

That's just the basics if you really want to get the upgrade, you're gonna have to find out what works the best for you. Vapes go from being portable, to almost industrial, and no two smoke the same. They've even got Vaporizer Reviews to help you get what you're looking for.

They've also tried out the new Arizer Solo vaporizer before Baked Life. Only good vibes are holding back the jealousy.

One problem a lot of new users have with vapes, and Google + come to think about it, is they don't know how to get what they want out of it. Countless stoners can tell the tale of switching back to pipes because they felt more comfortable for one reason or the other. is the best resource for information on brands, techniques, the science or anything to do with vapes. Their guides breakdown the world of vaping. If you want to start but don't know the difference between a Volcano and a Hookah, this is a good place to get your feet wet, or stoned, whatever.

These guys know their stuff. Check them out for everything you need to know about Vaporizing Cannabis.


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