September 16, 2011

Tweet @BarackObama About Marijuana

As the election season approaches it is a good time to remind President Obama and all of our leaders that we want weed to be legal. What better way to get the ball rolling than through everyone's favorite social communicator, Twitter.

The playing field is ready, and the competitors plan to hold nothing back. Every year the American presidential elections increase in complexity and intensity. In our new democracy just going out and voting isn't enough to have a voice.

We have to know what we want and be prepared to fight for it, or at least sound like we are. Twitter has proved itself as a tool capable of channeling the awesome force of social/political movements. It's like a global suggestion box, and taking the time to put your two cents can change everything.

Barack Obama has been shying away from the marijuana debate. It may be that it's too controversial a problem to risk trying to fix. It doesn't help that the American congress is having trouble functioning as a productive group.

Still, as citizens it isn't too much to ask that our voice be heard. America wants weed legalized, and it would be good for America for weed to be legal. So go ahead tweet @BarackObama, or even @MittRomney if that's more your style. Tell them weed should be legal.


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