September 28, 2011

The Totally DOPE Wallet by

There is an online store out there that is making wallets covered in huge graphics and I love their new product. "The Totally Dope Wallet" is exactly that, totally dope. The wallet's front and back are covered with a realistic image of a marijuana baggie.

The wallet sells from their online store at for $15 dollars. It's a %100 percent recyclable material that's made with %100 percent Vegan friendly materials (no leather).

At first glance the image looks completely real. There are no doubt droves of people who have been fooled into believing that the dime bag on the wallet was the real thing. If the pot stash is empty occasional glances at this wallet is enough to make it seem like a stray baggie of glorious herb as just been discovered. Of course in reality you'll still be out of weed, and probably broke too if that's the case.

Finally something to hold your green that looks like something you use to hold your other green. It's a concept made in heaven. Check out The Wal Art and "The Totally Dope Wallet".


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