September 10, 2011

Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover's Guide to Getting it On

It's a beautiful thing when a knowledgeable well spoken woman writes honestly about sex. The female perspective is so often mis-represented or ignored. We're a culture weighed down by taboos and prejudices. Well this book takes a massive swing at all that bullshit.

Sex Pot is the handiest handbook a stoner and sex addict could have. It's also a good read for those who want the knowledge without entering any sticky situations (pun intended).

It's author, sexy cannabis columnist MamaKind, knows as much about pot as she does about sex. She's smoked it all, and tried it all in and out of the sack. From things you've only seen in the dirtiest adult flicks to stuff you're too nervous to ask your lover to try out.

I couldn't exaggerate about the content of this book if I wanted to. There are crazier scenarios in there then I could have imagined myself. For instance have you ever masturbated in a passport office, or on top of an elephant!

Not every stoner likes to get high and get freaky, but at least now you'll know what you're missing. Sex, more than anything in life is about honesty. Knowing yourself enough to know what you want and not being to afraid to ask for it. A great sexual experience, stoned or not, is a product of you feeling mentally and physically secure. Shit maybe I should write a book.

MamKind is an advice Columnist at heart, and the real life Q&A's in the book shed some light on the reality we all carry around with us. We all really like sex, and it's an arena we're dying to explore and feel comfortable in. After reading this book, I'm less likely to get freaked out when my next girl whips out some surprises while we're in the act. I might even try a few new tricks myself.

"Sex Sessions" is an archive about gender, sexuality, and relationships.


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