September 6, 2011

New Artist NATTY, Bringing Reggae Back Again

NATTY is new reggae coming from a young British artist. Every once in a while a good reggae song will hit you right in the chest.

Not since Matisyahu's rise and fall has an artist made Reggae seem really cool.

 That's what good reggae does, the rest just fills in the empty space in smoke filled rooms. Natty is truly something fresh. His British accent comes through and somehow makes him sound more honest, more real. It's always the accent, isn't it.

Whatever it is NATTY is making a name for himself, and is going to be playing some dates with the talented Ziggy Marley in the coming months. Maybe he and NAS can get together and make an album called "Watch the Blunt". Get it? You can also get more information from his website.

And Listen to more tracks here:

Natty Press Release:
His first single from his upcoming EP of the same name, Change, is built on a classic Reggae
groove. It paints a positive picture of a young man’s reflections faced with a world consumed
by individual and global changes. “There’s a new breeze, I can feel a change coming in the air,”
sings Natty, yet he brings perspective and depth to his concerns when he writes that “seasons
change, so today I plant my seed away / make it rain, so tomorrow my seed will see a brighter

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