September 6, 2011

Kevin Smith, Stereotypes, Fuck it

By Ben Buds

It's like Kat Williams said, weed has a special chemical in it called "I don't give a fuck". If you haven't been arrested for pot, that's probably how you feel about the controversy. It's easy enough to stroll down the street at night and burn some ganja. So why give a shit?

Kevin Smith went on Jay Leno recently and he couldn't or didn't want to stop himself from declaring his undying love for pot's influence in his life. It was shocking. Jay Leno took it in stride, and made a joke about hearing about pot from his musician friends. Late Night shows and an assortment of comedy sitcom's have been playing around with the pot taboo for years.

So where the fuck are we as a country. We laugh about pot, we arrest people for pot, and a lot of us smoke pot. It's time to either throw your hands up and say "shit" or get off "pot". As an individual stoner it's not a good idea to live in limbo, or to take part in action you feel guilty for.

 If you're going to light up a joint these days then fuck the consequences. The laws are so unevenly paved they're about as predictable as weather shifts. Can't live life afraid of the rain. And honestly, it's more like being afraid of a tornado touching down in Riverside, CA.

If your parents, siblings, etc. are constantly giving you shit for smoking pot. Don't get negative. If you can't say fuck it and shrug it off, then you shouldn't be smoking. DO NOT show up to your session that night saying you are so happy to be smoking pot even though it just got you kicked out of your place or fired. That's so dumb it's almost legendary.

Pop culture loves pot not because movies are like real life, but because they are our real lives. The media is doing it's part to kill the dumb stoner stereotypes. Still... stoners aren't martyrs so they shouldn't feel like MLK for being arrested or mocked.This is the most indecisive era ever, getting arresting comes with the territory. Pot isn't a right or a privilege it's a way to have fun, keep that in mind. Securing fun isn't the same as fighting for freedom.

Living a Baked Life isn't just about pot. It's mostly about pot, but at it's core it's about being thankful for all the great things in life. Love life, live life, then smoke pot.


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