September 9, 2011

Hilarious Susie Sampson Takes Her Tea Party Journalism to Hemp Con

The Tea Party Report is a new online comedy outlet for actress and mock-journalist Susie Sampson. The character Susie is a young journalist, who has decided to tackle the top issues in American living and politics with a brain full Tea Party wisdom.

 It's kind of like if Bristol Palin, hadn't had a kid, went to the University of Alaska, and then tried to follow in her mothers footsteps.

What's surprising is that Susie isn't the dumb one most of the time. She responds to everything with wide eyed disbelief and urges her interview-ees to make fools of themselves by giving them the space to say something stupid. In the end maybe Tea Partiers aren't any more ridiculous than the rest of us. But I'm not sure that's a reassuring fact.

You Can Check Susie Out on the Tea Party Report Youtube Channel, and you can read her funny rants on the Tea Party Report Tumblr.

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