June 8, 2011

RezzyWipes.com - Resin On Your Hands?

Rezzy Wipes are a new innovation from the stoner hygiene market. The wipes are saturated in coconut oil and they are meant for keeping your hands clean after you handle anything covered in resin.

The wipes come in a Ziploc bag, which is fortunately resealable. That's something you're going to want to take advantage of because the wipes aren't exactly cheap. At $1.50 a pop you're not going to want to use one after every smoke session. The oil doesn't dry up quickly though so you'll be able to use one for a few weeks.

So what exactly are these for? This is a product of necessity. If you smoke a lot of sticky hashes or bud oils you might notice you actually need these. They are pretty good for cleaning hands after handle pipe resin.

The wipes not only remove Resin but what's more awesome is their ability to take the weed smell off your hands. Like I said though, these probably aren't going to be for everyone. Most likely you aren't going to care enough to pick up a product like this. It's likely only serious stoners and hygiene/accessory geeks will really care enough about these to want one.

I like them though. And there's definitely nothing wrong with stashing a few in your pot bag or wherever for when the time arises. If you decide to grab some you can get an additional free wipe by using our special coupon code "BAKEDLIFEBOGO". Aren't You glad you read Baked Life. Peace...

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