June 8, 2011

Hipster-Swag.com: An Experiment in Social Commentary and Pop Culture Parody

Hipster-Swag.com is a new comedy site that features "pop culture" icons saying things we'd all expect them to have on their minds or at least we'd all like them to come out and say. It's fucking hilarious.

The media frenzy is reaching maximum velocity, and wormholes of hilarity are popping all over the place. Reality is blurred by the collective conscious, Hipster-Swag gets that and makes fun of it all and everyone involved. The site just launched is already busy churning out hilarious comics on a tumblr powered platform.

It's funny wether or not your stoned, but if you are high expect to do a lot of nodding, shaking your head and LOLing. The site's comedy is designed to take advantage of the two dominant culture attitudes of today, the hipster personality and the swag movement.

Check out these Comics, Click to Enlarge. All From Hipster-Swag.com.

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