June 29, 2011

A Cloud of Change Inspired by Cannabis by Rio Bryant

Here's a bit of inspirational prose from writer Rio Bryant.

It's so apparent we are ready for a change. Not just a government, but a new way of life. Bustling streets will slow their paces, though they will willingly oblige. Such a wonderful dream; so beautiful to know it is shared by the millions whom inhale nightly, just as I do.

Oh lovely plant of mine, do you mind
if i borrow your beauty, politely unwind
it's more of an honor, to enjoy you
your presence, my knowledge so bleak
at least compared to your essence.

Excuse my french, but I... never mind. I'd never offend. Unlike like the devil's nectar, the Angel's flora is much less aggressive. Apologies for pushing views, we all think differently. This fact is what makes us human, adorable, characteristic to those unknown. Now I sound like a coot, though I'd much rather promote the use of cannabis.

We all remember our first time, more so mentally than physically for me. Some may smile at the moment they rolled first joint. I chuckle a bit at the growth my friends have made. Some were disgusted due to a lack of knowledge, now attending marches in the love of it.

So join me, will you? In this hopeful stand for a better world. This present will become the past, democracy and free mind will evolve anew,

On the darkest of nights, may the flickering lighters lead the way..

By Rio Bryant
Photos By StrawberryFeelings.Tumblr.com
A One Spirit Media Collaboration.

Contact: Bakedlife@gmail.com

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