June 9, 2011

4:20 Watch, It's About Time for Modern Stoner Style

Here's BakedLife.com's follow up review of the 420 watch from Cadence.

It's finally here and it's about time. The 420 watch from Cadence is exactly what stoner fashion needed. It's a push in the right direction that doesn't leave behind the essence of the stoner lifestyle.

Let's start with the best features of this watch. I now personally own this 420 watch and I've worn it out on the town multiple times The one thing that never ceases to amaze me is the reaction it gets. Nobody knows it's a stoner watch until you tell them. In fact you have to blatantly point it out to most people.

It usually goes something like this. I say, "Hey, check out my watch".

They say, "Nice watch what kind is it".

"Look closer", I say.


"Keep Looking"

"Wha... Ohhh, That's awesome"

The long line of stoner products leading us up to now have been too tacky to even call cliche. I'm a stoner and I don't need a giant pot leaf on everything I own to know it. The 420 watch is simple, elegant, and so fucking cool it's ridiculous.

The strap is genuine leather and the design is classy. Plus, two times a day you get to fall in love with the time 4:20 all over again. The hour hand and the minute hand over lap and it's time to pack a bowl.

"If you think 4:20 is the most important time of day, this watch is for you. If you have no idea why 4:20 is a special time of day, there is nothing here for you." - Cadence Watch Company

It's a solid accessory crafted for modern stoners. At $85 it's just worth the price. You have to keep in mind that you aren't buying some ugly stoner trinket or novelty item. You are buying a watch that you can, should, and will want to wear everyday.

Cadence was super awesome and they decided to give all baked life readers 25% off their purchase. This is a serious deal and one worth taking advantage of because it might not last long, just go to Here and enter "BAKEDLIFE" as the coupon code. We're not making any money off this, it's just a good deal on a great watch.

420 Watches From CadenceWatch.com

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