May 4, 2011

Was Osama Bin Laden Growing Marijuana To Help With Kidney Problems?

Just outside Osama Bin Laden's secret hideout investigators found a garden which included various produce as well as marijuana plants. Now, some believe that Bin Laden was smoking weed as a way of helping with his kidney problems.

In Pakistan marijuana grows wildly in many locations, so it's not surprising the marijuana plants went unnoticed in plain view.

The grocer that Bin Laden's lackeys purchased food from was reportedly confused about how much food they bought. Munchies? “I was curious about why they bought so much food, but I did not want to be rude by asking,” he said. Here's an excerpt from the Daily Mail, reporting on the CNN's discovery of the marijuana outside the Bin Laden Compound.

"High-strength marijuana plants have been found just yards from the luxury home of slain terror chief Osama Bin Laden. Hundreds of the exotic green flower have flourished for a number of years on the border of the war lord's secret compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Despite being a short walk from a military training academy dubbed 'Pakistan's Sandhurst', the illegal crop had remained undiscovered. But hundreds of officials have descended on the busy town this week after Bin Laden was blasted in the brain by U.S. Navy Seals.

An American reporter noticed the pungent line of plants growing in the dry fields surrounding the five-metre high concrete walls. CNN's Nic Robertson showed to the camera the marijuana hidden alongside other crops including cabbages and potatoes.

The discovery raised the possibility that Bin Laden may have been a regular smoker of the 'weed' strain of the plant. Bin Laden had in recent years suffered from kidney problems which may have been eased by taking marijuana for its medicinal properties."

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