May 6, 2011

Them Poets | Baked Life Spotlight from One Spirit Media

This "OSM Sponsored" Baked Life spotlight is on a young band out of Los Angeles called Them Poets.

Them Poets is a part of OSM Music. This summer they're getting ready to release their first and largely acoustic, EP, "Root Sessions". This is the new version of their song Come Temporary. This video was recorded as part of a series of jam sessions with Jordan Judge (bass) a member of another local Los Angeles County band Sushine Factory.

Brain Page supplies the rap vocals that round out a sound that can be best described as indie soul. Busola Laditan (vocals, drums, keyboard) and Nicholas Davis (guitar) work together, drawing from jazz, blues, and indie inspirations to create a sound that is uniquely Californian.

The photo to the left is from OSM Photography member and the band's close friend Monica Goldman. The picture was taken at Butlers Cafe in Lancaster, CA. An intimate venue that young bands like Them Poets, Sunshine Factory, and more have found is a sort of incubator for their sound, style, and connection to a local group of awesome music lovers.

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