May 7, 2011

The Iolite - The Portable Vaporizer

The Iolite first made it's debut as a portable alternative to larger vaporizers in 2008. Since then it's sold thousands of units and has risen to the position of the most highly regarded and best trusted portable vaporizer.

The Irish manufactures decided like many manufactures in the marijuana market, not to go into the business of selling their own product directly. They instead rely on a variety of well known marijuana retailers like and to advertise their product to consumers.

The Iolite is about the same size and weight as a mobile phone. You'll be shocked when upon opening the package that batteries aren't included. In fact batteries aren't necessary at all. Instead of running on an electric charge the Iolite runs on butane.

If the canister inside is full the Iolite can run for up to 2 full hours. If you are worried about having to go to some sort of butane charging station every time you run out, don't. Butane is easy to find in most general and hardware stores.

Vaporizers work by heating your cannabis or pot to the exact temperature needed to release the active ingredients without burning the plant material. This saves your lungs from the harmful effects of smoking, like exposure to carcinogens, and wheezing and coughing.

There are also a few cool mouthpiece add-ons you can buy for Iolites. You'll also find that depending on where you buy your Iolite the features vary. Some sites like have exclusive designs made for their customers alone.


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