May 19, 2011

Kid Cudi Gear | Shirts and Wristbands from Hot Topic

Kid Cudi might just be the stoner of the decade. His raps are sick and he smokes like the rest of us wish we could. Even if the rumors that he's slowing down are true, can't blame him if being too busy too blaze, he's a super star.

His tour this year is hot. He's coming to LA in June and Baked Life is getting ready. Man on the Moon is the ultimate stoner soundtrack. And his marijuana mixtape is bomb collection of tracks to blaze to.

If you love the cudder then the best way to show it is to represent. Wearing Kid Cudi, is as good as wearing a pot leaf on your chest. This official Cudi merchandise is from Hot Topic. Their online store currently has four different Cudi apparel items to choose from.

They've got the Kid Cudi "Rectangles shirt" and the "Erase Me shirt". They also have the "Turquoise Purple wristband" and the "BoomBox necklace". The necklace is only $3.99 which is ridiculously cheap. Ladies go pick this up, and guys go pick this up for your ladies.

How many times have you blazed while listening to Cudi's tracks? Imagine sparking a bowl with Mauwie Wowie in your piece, and on the stereo, all while wearing Cudi gear so everyone knows what's up. That's a Baked Life.

Hot Topic is easiest place to get band and artist clothes, accessories, etc. It's like having a band's merchandise booth right at your finger tips.

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