May 6, 2011

Black Domina - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Indica

Black Domina is an Indica strain of marijuana. Indicas are very well known for their strong body effects. These strains of marijuana originate from the middle east where they are famously used in the creation of strong hashish.

Black Domina's genetics have been cross breeded with high powered Indicas in order to create a super strong Indica. The powerful smoke has extremely heavy body effects. This isn't the type of high you want in an active of social situation.

Someone who smokes this kind of bud is likely to spend the high indoors and couch locked if they smoke too much. It's powerful body stone, makes this a create smoke for relaxation, insomnia, and even pain relief.

Black Domina's dark green and purplish leaves are covered in a thick resinous layer of crystals. It has a very spicy and earthy aroma and flavor. This bud doesn't have the sweet taste you might be familiar with from other strains. This is a great smoke for true Indica lovers.


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