May 3, 2011

All in 1 - Cutting Edge Smoking System

The All in Onee smoking system is one of the coolest new stoner products out there in the market. The slender tube is a complete set up, including a poker, grinder, a one-hitter pipe, a lighter and even a small section for weed storage. This really is one of the coolest things a stoner can have, and one of the most useful too. encourages not only the usefulness of their product but also how discrete it is. It's easy to see how something so small could fit easily into a pocket, purse, or any small compartment, but that's not where the stealth ends. The grinder and storage compartments are sealed with O-rings that should keep out water and keep the odor in.

"A lot of thought went into the design and features of the Allin1E. Having gone through multiple prototypes and design revisions, every aspect of the AllIn1E has been carefully tailored for top performance." -

The built in grinder is perhaps the most awesome feature of the All in 1 smoking system. It's size is super convenient. And at just over $50 it's way more bang for your buck than shelling out the $30 dollars you'd spend for some stand alone and bulkier grinders.

It's a good thing this comes with a mini Bic lighter instead of some nameless off brand lighter. As anyone who knows anything knows Bic lighters are the best in their class. Nothing works better, and very often nothing else works at all.



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