April 5, 2011

Tortoise Live at Werchter - An Ambient Jam form an Instrumental Band

Here's an ambient jam from an eclectic jam band. Tortoise fits right into Baked Life's "Arts Appreciation Week". This is a type of music that you have to be predisposed to listening to. It's melodies and rhythms are clear, but the delivery is as straight forward as other types of music.

Tortoise is a post-rock band out of Chicago. They've been making music since 1990. They were indie before indie was anything other than just independent music being pushed out in underground markets and college radio stations. The band members have eclectic backgrounds ranging from punk to jazz. The great thing about bands as expansively creative as this one is they're always pushing their internal boundaries, in search of new methods of self expression

If you smoke pot you're probably already used to putting on a track and just riding the waves of expression and emotion. That's the sort of music Tortoise makes. It's music that takes you on a trip so of course it's great to trip to. Burn one and kickback and enjoy, peace...

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