April 19, 2011

Stoner Photos from KatieMarinaScott on Flickr AKA UnicornsArePrettyRad on Tumblr

This is a collection of photos of some marijuana smoking activities by a photographer out of San Francisco. You can find more of her photos on flickr and also on tumblr. Check it out.

KatieMarinaScott (flickr) AKA UnicornsArePrettyRad (tumblr), doesn't focus on just weed, but here are some pictures she's taken of stoner lifestyles. Her pictures carry the casual perspective of a modern person.

Rolling up a few joints is a great way to start of any afternoon. These pictures capture some of that pure feeling. Smoking weed with friends and just chilling.

If you have pictures of you and your buddies you can send them to us at Baked Life.


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