April 29, 2011

LegalisasiGanja.com Takes the Marijuana Movement to Indonesia

When you think Indonesia and marijuana, you probably remember the controversial cases where drug traffickers received death penalties for smuggling pot. That's what these guys wanna change.

In May Indonesia will be descended upon by a protest for the legalization of marijuana. Like many other Asian countries, Indonesia has an especially tough relationship with marijuana. Marijuana related offences carry very tough penalties, as they are viewed as especially serious crimes.

This year a group called the DLG, took the momentum they received from being a facebook phenomenon and organized a pro-marijuana march in May.

"It all started when a group of cannabis enthusiasts decided to create a group on Facebook called Dukung Legalisasi Ganja (DLG; Support Cannabis Legalization) in the early months of 2008. By 2011, the group had grown to 42,000 followers before being banned by an "unknown party" later that same year. With that many followers, it was unmistakable that DLG had touched upon an issue close to the hearts of many Indonesians." - TokeoftheTown

You can check them out and learn how to support their efforts at LegalisasiGanja.com. And you can also read about them on in recent article from TokeOfthe Town.com

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