April 29, 2011

Keef Cola Marijuana Soda's High Level of Refreshment and G4TV at the High Times Cannabis Cup

Have you heard of Keef Cola? Within the medical marijuana community there is a race to capitalize the "weed" market.

In Colorado and California especially new products and companies are staking their claim with a bevy of new stoner brands.

Keef Cola started in Colorado in 2010 and since then they've grown into their brand, creating a "refreshing" stoner style and promoting a culture of well being.

They have four types of drinks available. The standard "Keef Cola", the high dosage "Keef Cola Extreme", the Sativa dominant and caffeine infused "Keef Energy", and the minature 2 oz "Keef Boost".

Keef Boost drink is a small 5 Hour Energy type of drink. It's only 2 oz but it's supposed to pack a big punch.

Keef Cola alone comes in seven different flavors and they claim you can barely taste the pot. The drinks only sell in dispensaries in Colorado. If you live in Colorado go to KeefCola.com to see a ma showing all retailers.

The company is struggling with the U.S. patent office as regulator still aren't accepting the pot industry with open arms. Fortunately they are still getting plenty of from interested supporters. When they were at the cannabis cup G4tv stopped by to check them out. You can see the video below.

Go check them out at KeefCola.com.

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