April 27, 2011

Jackpot: High Times, High Seas, and the Sting That Launched War on Drugs by Jason Ryan

Jackpot is book detailing the lives of prominent drug smugglers Les Riley and Barry Foy and their friends. The book is named after the case that eventually brought down their fantasy life of cocaine, greed, sex and more pot than even they could imagine.

"In less than a decade, these irrepressible adventurers unloaded nearly a billion dollars worth of marijuana and hashish through the eastern seaboards marshes."

" Then came their undoing: Operation Jackpot, one o the largest drug investigations ever launched and an opening volley in Ronald Reagan's War on Drugs"

- Jackpot by Jason Ryan
Jackpot is great tale of "deviance" in society. The two friends and drug smugglers, by living outside of the system, made themselves targets for elimination. They pushed back as long as they could, but to stay one step ahead you always have to be running, and it's not that easy.

Even though marijuana is by far the biggest drug in this tale, it's not the only one. There's some dealing with cocaine, and how the guys had struggle to save themselves from their addiction to it.

"In 2005, journalist Jason Ryan met a woman who hadn’t seen her father in more than 20 years. He was, she confided, a fugitive and one of the last of the infamous “gentlemen smugglers.”...
The encounter stayed with Ryan. Over the next year, his curiosity about Operation Jackpot grew, and he conducted preliminary interviews with men involved on both sides of the law."
- Jackpotthebook.com

This is a gritty tale. The highs are high and the lows are really low. The only thing that is constant is the battle. It's a full tale, with every bit of action, from guns to prison escapes.

It's a book worth checking out for it's well told crime, pot, and historical content.

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