April 21, 2011

Fubar: Balls to the Wall - Movie Review

Here's the latest movie to be reviewed by BakedLife.com.

Fubar: Balls to the Wall is a sequel that continues following the story of two best freinds. Terry and Dean have been best buds since they were young, and their friendship has taken them on a wild inebriated ride. Imagine living a life where the number one goal is to stay fucked up.

Fubar starts with a celebration of Dean's remaining testicle, at the end of which dean is gifted a trunk full of beers. After one final party in their house before they're evicted, Dean and Terry leave everything behind in a frenzy of LSD, drunkenness, and flames.

It's a wild film, that's sure to gain a dedicated following. There's a lot of wisdom hidden in the layers of this film's ridiculous plot line. It goes to show, no matter how fucked up life get's you're always one realization away from everything looking a lot better.

This is like Dumb & Dumber for stoners and partiers. If that reference is to old just imagine watching the Hangover, if you got to watch as they went on their wild alcohol and drug fueled rampage.

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