April 6, 2011

Epic Meal Time: Canada's Indie Entertainment and Epic Meat Munchies

Epic Meal Time is this decade's violent reaction to the vegetarian boom in popular culture.

Using bacon as their main weapon of revenge these dudes have created a show that's as interesting as anything on the Food Network, makes Man v. Food look like child's play, and manages to be more edgy than Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations.

The crew led by the bearded beast Harley Morenstein has explored everything the world of meat in excess has to offer. They've cooked and eaten more bacon than I would ever want to even look at. Even if you think your munchies give you an extended appetite, these guys will have you begging for some alka selzer, pepto bismol, and two days of uninterrupted digestive slumber.

For valentines day they baked lamb and chicken hearts into a variety of chocolaty delicatessens. No matter what insane recipe their testosterone fueled creativity comes up with, they slosh it down with an unhealthy volume of liquor. Which at least once was served in a cup made out of actual bacon. WTF!

I'm in Montreal right now. Five years ago when Anthony Bourdain came to this city, I'm sure he never would've guessed that a small foodie crew in this city would revolutionize his industry, and without his large budget been able to land one of the same interviews he got.

I stumbled on the Epic Meal Time's youtube channel last night and even I didn't realize how big they were. This morning I walked into a cafe and just happened to read an article on them in this months issue of NightLife.CA, montreal's premiere arts, culture, and design zine. They've got some serious meat powered momentum.

Keep an eye on them. When something comes out of nowhere this fast and changes an industry by tapping into the base ideals of their culture, it's bound to make waves. Or you can just watch them cause you're high as hell and even though you could never eat that much, you still love watching it all go down. Peace...

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