March 15, 2011

Isn't it About Time You Learn Exactly Why You Need a Volcano Vaporizer?

Officially founded in 2002, Storez & Bickel has remained the industry leader in Vaporizer manufacturingfor nearly the last ten years. Based on the simple premise of quality and efficiency, Storez & Bickel hasbeen producing the VolcanoVaporizer for many years now with amazing success.

This German based company uses only thehighest quality parts and each unit is guaranteed to last a considerable amount of time. They remainthe only Vaporizer manufacturer to employ a certified quality management system that ensures the highquality of their production process. Each of their operation procedures are systematically inspectedand evaluated every 3 – 6 months by an independent testing institute to maximize efficiency.

In April of2010, Storez & Bickel announced that the Volcano Digital Vaporizer would have an extended warranty –3 years. This warranty is complimentary and is considered retroactive for all Digital Volcano’s purchasedin the past. The 3 year warranty now matches the same warranty that comes with the Classic Version. The Volcano Vaporizers utilize a forced-air system,which is simply a fan that propels hot air over your herbs.

By heating the herbs at a specific vaporizing temperature, only the desired essential compounds are released from the substance. This process avoids all the negative effects associated with combustion like tar and other toxic by-products. Furthermore, combustion temperatures cause the herbs to lose the majority of their essential compounds without any real effect. When compared to smoking, the Volcano Vaporizer has beenproven to be 4 times more effective and efficient.

The patented balloon system allows the vapor to be collected inside a bag and enjoyed at your leisure. It also employs an advanced temperature control system that allows the user to adjust the specific temperature accordingly. The Volcano Vaporizeris able to properly vaporizer a large variety of herbs and aroma therapy blends like Eucalyptus, Hops,Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Sage, and Thyme.

Over the last 8 years, Volcano has built a strong reputation as the most advanced Vaporizer Company inthe world today. They have literally set the standard for all forced-air vaporizers. The Volcano Vaporizeralso offers two different valve systems for the customer to enjoy. The Easy Valve System represents the newer technology developed by Volcano.

This patented design allows the user to easily enjoy the vaporthrough a simple-to-use system that utilizes a mouthpiece. The Starter Set comes with 5 Easy ValveBalloons and an herb filling chamber to place your favorite aromatherapy blends. On the other hand,The Solid Valve System represents the older technology from Storez & Bickel. Although this version ismore difficult to use, it still has its advantages.

The Solid Valve System allows the user to create ANY size balloon or bag. It requires some patience and practice, but the Solid Valve Set is perfect for people looking for a less-expensive option for the long-term.Storez and Bickel currently carries two versions of their infamous Volcano Vaporizer. This includes the Classic and Digital version.

The Classic version utilizes a simple knob to control the temperature.The digital version, however, utilizes an advanced LED display that accurately displays the vaporizing temperature. The user can adjust the temperature between a range of 104 degrees to 446 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the heating temperatures never rise above 446 degrees Fahrenheit, there is no needto worry about toxic substances being emitted into your lungs. The balloon bags do not contain any softeners and the material is 100% food safe and heat proof.


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