March 14, 2011

The Hottest Stoner Chicks According to the Miss High Times Contest

The picture on the left is of Kyra Carter. She is a 31 yr older stoner from California. She loves weed and keeps a positive attitude on her life, friends, and God. This is a hot stoner chick.

The popular "pot culture" magazine High Times, holds a contest every year that allows smokers everywhere to vote for contestant to become Miss High Times. Until the prizes are given, you can track the progress of contestants and read heir blogs at

The marijuana community has been under fire for quite some time for not appreciating their female audience. Ads for pot related products consistently apply the "sex sells" mantra to their ad campaigns. Women often feel alienated from the pot community, and it's led to even organizations like NORML having to create branches like the Women's Alliance.

You would think the Miss High Times contest would be another example of the over sexualization of women in pot culture, but it's not, not entirely anyway. The majority of contestants are really down to earth marijuana lovers.
The voters don't just vote for attractive women, but women who actually focus on the benefit pot has on their lives, and sure, they're beautiful too.

The photos here, in the order they appear are of Kyra, Violet, and Jordan, three of the top contestants right now. You can read their blogs and check them out at

Another high ranking contender is pornstar Flower Tucci. You might think that her sex appeal is what iss getting her so high in the ranks, but that's not the whole story.

Flower Tucci is an avid marijuana enthusiast. She is a marijuana patient and activist and has been around more pot plants than she can probably count.

Maybe, just maybe, Donanld Trump was right, beauty pageants really can become a celebration of women. It can emphasize what makes women truly beautiful, their bodies, their minds, and their souls all together. Miss High Times definitely celebrates and appreciates what's awesome about the stoner gal personality more than you'd expect.


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