March 7, 2011

"Heads" Love to Get in the Kitchen and Cook up a Creative Storm

Marijuana users have a close relationship with food, it's no secret. One of the main effects of the marijuana is the munchies. You don't just get hungry when you are high, you also enjoy the taste of the ingredients in a new way. You relish the idea of flavor combinations you might normally think are too wild.

Famous chef and writer Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations, has become the go to guy for a profile on the stoner chef. Bourdain's opinions on marijuana gave the first wide recognition to the fact that many chefs have been smoking pot for years. With the rising attention being paid to edibles, marijuana is cementing it's spot as a part of modern cooking culture.

Let's not even think about the new edible fever flying across the pot world, or that hemp food products are among the most nutritious foods in the world. Even in a regular kitchen marijuana is inspiring new interest in cooking creativity. Potheads like to cook.

People are bored eating the same sorts of foods over and over again. They are taking back power over their diets in their own homes. There, their opinion is the only thing that matters.
These fun little experiments are taking place in tons of stoner's kitchens all over the world.

Modern art, music, and style culture, have an open relationship with many drugs. Of the two main substances, alcohol and marijuana, marijuana has always been the one to be associated with the kind of eccentric creativity evidenced in mediums from jazz, poetry, to pop art, and indie films.

Weed is used by many people who've realized that the range of things we can enjoy isn't as rigid as we think. Sometimes it's necessary to forget some of the rules we live by everyday and try something new, and maybe unfamiliar. Peace...


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