March 25, 2011

Enjoy Jars | Everyday Weed Storage sells convenient jars for storing pot. Each jar has four compartments and three mini "Nugtainer" storage containers. Keeping your weed organized just got a little easier. takes their pot seriously. The jars are perfect for anyone who wants a single place where they can keep multiple types of pot separately.

Each of the compartments can hold an 5 grams of pot. The jars are also fairly air tight, so you don't have to worry about your weed stinking up the room, or car.

"A revolutionary new hand held jar designed to help Cannabis Patients organize their life and the various strains of medicine we encounter. Established and produced in Orange County Ca.... It will forever change the way you buy and store quality flowers." -

The best feature of the Enjoy Jars has to be their Nugtainers. The tiny little plastic containers are perfect for taking small quantities of pot on the road. Each one is perfect for storing severals bowls or a couple grams of ground up weed.

The Enjoy Jars Container also comes with a special khaki bag for storing your container. That way you can keep your bud out of sight when you need to.

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