March 16, 2011

Emerald City Oasis Online | Head Shop, Grow Shop, Herbal Pharmacy

Emerald City Oasis is an online general store for pot smokers. They sell a wide variety of small things pot smokers and growers would find useful. From gardening and smoking to herbal remedies.The shop carries, trimming scissors, pipes, hemp wicks, rice rolling papers, and more.

The economy sucks, so let's all help each other out while we make a living. It's no coincidence that the acronym for our name is "ECO." We believe that hydroponic gardening, as well as using natural remedies, help keep the Earth green and people healthy! -

Emerald City Oasis or ECO puts an emphasis on artisan work, quality and natural products. They carry some one of a kind products with a sense of uniqueness and artistry that is unavoidably desirable. ECO wants to make it easier for customers to make the ecologically and economically correct choice.

We work to offer quality items that we have used ourselves. We work with artisans who love their craft... And we will continue to expand that aspect of ECO. Why? It's a good way to build community! -

The art in their products is what comes to the forefront. Colorful dugouts, pipes, and grinders are paired with intricately designed, beautiful glass storage boxes. ECO hopes that their special artisan products and their focus on excellent customer service provides something people in the pot community will love and cherish.

The Man in the Maze symbol is shared by several Native American Tribes, and represents life's journey. The walls in the maze represent life's challenges and struggles; the continuation of the walls to the center shows us life will move forward and symbolizes reaching our dreams. -

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