March 22, 2011

Drug War Casualties Stack Up and Marijuana Stays Stuck in the Dark

It's impossible for to ignore the plight of the millions of jailed citizens and the fractured families left behind.

The drug war rains down misery on innocent citizens everyday. These images are from an Article the Los Angeles Times did on a marijuana raid.

It's easy to forget that everyday more Americans are being arrested for marijuana related crimes. It should be apparent to most that pot is not a dangerous plant.

When our country was younger we had serious trouble with drugs like crack, cocaine, and heroin. At that time, individuals in our society didn't have the information to deal with powerful drugs safely.

Prohibiting those drugs went a long way to keep citizens from unknowingly getting involved with a drug that could take over and destroy their lives. Unfortunately governments all over the world are under the impression that making a drug illegal is enough to protect our society. We're learning everyday that's not true.

The effort to fight the drug problem is an incomplete solution. As "The War on Drugs" drags on and increases in volatility, it is becoming an epidemic of it's own. It has destroyed the lives of millions of everyday citizens, and has wasted billions upon billions of dollars. All of this, and we're still no closer to becoming a society that can coexist with these substances without them doing us severe damage.

One of the most terrible symptoms of the drug war is the chokehold it has put on information. The drug laws have put a veil over the eyes of citizens. Drug use is hidden and drug truths are hidden. Until we bring every aspect of drug use and it's characteristics into the light we'll be no closer to healing the wounds of abuse. It's not drug use that is dangerous it's drug ignorance.


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