March 31, 2011

Dr. OZ and Montel Williams Take The Medical Marijuana Debate to a Whole New Level

This week on Dr. OZ the popular daytime doctor used his television show as a medical marijuana information platform. Montel Wlliams was also in this episode.

Oz's stated objective wasn't to get everyone to agree, but to get the facts out there. "Getting the facts out there" has proved to be the most dubious aspect of the marijuana debate. It's tough to carve through centuries of institutionalized lies, propaganda, and taboos.

The truth is out there, and a lot of Americans especially parents are really afraid of marijuana. These fears are real even if some of their causes aren't, and they need to be dealt with. America needs to step up and really answer questions like, "How will we protect our kids" and "How do we help Addicts".

Prohibition isn't working, it's made it easier for kids to get a hold of the drugs. Addicts are finding it easy to stay in the dark and hide their problem in our current system. It's only because marijuana is getting some attention that many of them have been forced into the light.

The millions of viewers who tuned into watch this episode are going to be the base for the discussion on the progress of our societies relationship with pot. Watch this excerpt of the video!


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