March 18, 2011

Colorado Medicinal Marijuana Information from Kristen Bradley

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Colorado Medicinal Marijuana

Recreational use of marijuana is illegal throughout the United States but medical marijuana is a growing controversy among legislation and is constantly being debated. Lobbying, protests, and campaigns have battled and changed laws now allowing 13 states to legally run medicinal marijuana dispensaries. Over 90,000 patients in Colorado diagnosed with illnesses such as cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis are able to benefit from such businesses. But before cannabis dispensaries are able to serve its customers the business must fist follow state regulations to operate safely and lawfully.

Dispensary Regulations & Guidelines
Similar to liquor and tobacco businesses, the Colorado Board of Health has set many laws and regulations for marijuana-related businesses.

Colorado Marijuana dispensaries:

  • Should not be within 1,000 ft of schools, parks or businesses that are associated with children

  • Are required to only sell to licensed patients and provide cannabis as directed by the client's physician

  • Have a monthly limit of how many ounces a patient can obtain (note that patients under the age of 21 must have parental consent)

  • Owners must undergo a criminal background check

  • 70% of marijuana must be grown by the dispensary itself

  • Food containing marijuana must be labeled specifying the amount

One important aspect that marijuana entrepreneurs need to be aware of is that in order for their business to be licensed by the state it must first obtain a medical marijuana license bond.

Medicinal Marijuana Bonds
A medical marijuana license bond ensures that proper taxes will be filed to the department of revenue on time. According to the Colorado Department of Revenue marijuana-related dispensaries must be licensed by May 1, 2011. Because of the surety bond deadline that is issued each year, it is vital for owners to apply for this $5,000 bond in a timely matter as it can take up to 90 days to process. If the owner of the dispensary does not obtain this bond the House Bill 10-1284 will be violated and the owner may be entitled to criminal charges.

Medicinal marijuana is continuing to increase as the Obama Administration will no longer enforce arrests of individuals following state laws. Entrepreneurs who understand their rights and state regulations before hand will save themselves a lot of trouble and will be able to serve their customers in the best way possible.


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