March 3, 2011

Cannabis Activist Sarah Diesel Talks About Keeping Marijuana Classy

Sarah Diesel is one of "those" smokers. She's tired of the stereotypes that have plagued cannabis smokers for years, and has made it her mission to show the good side of stoners.

Sarah's website's tagline is "Cannabis with Class". Stoners have years of fear surrounding their lifestyle. Marijuana has spent a long time out of mainstream culture, and because of that the culture has been associated with some of the more unflattering aspects of our society.

If you walk in to many smokeshops or log on to pot sites, you're often bombarded with images of sex. The marijuana community is pretty undeveloped and I dare to say, tacky. It's just young but it's growing up.

Sarah does away with traditional marijuana vocabulary, in an attempt to distance herself from the unsavory elements in pot culture. This video is by Cali Faces, a fun group that does spotlights of interseting people in the underground of Californian entertainment and culture.

"We’re not the closet hippies we used to be. I want to actually go out and do something productive after enjoying a joint, and I think these days more people do too." - Sarah Diesel
The idea of a "functioning stoner" is a growing trend. This group has most likely always been a part of the society. Now they are feeling free to become more vocal.

Smokers like Sarah Diesel are necessary. Though she just represents another extreme in the community, it's important to recognize the problems marijuana culture has had in communicating with society. Since prohibition marijuana lifestyles have adapted to being illegal, and have grown accustom to being separate from everything else.

If marijuana or cannabis is going to become legal we're going to have a lot of thinking to do on how we're all going to reconnect. The stoners, hippies, and the potheads are here to stay but we also have to think about everyone else. Peace...


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