March 8, 2011

Aura Clothing's Awesome 'Dope' Shirts for Stoners

Aura Clothing is one of those small internet clothing stores with only a couple designs, both of them really good. The shop is based out of South Carolina and ships internationally.

The internet has given birth to thousands of small shops like these; by allowing "part time creators" to make, market, and sell their stuff easily. These small stores are a part of the modern appreciation of independent, and grass roots media, markets, and art.

"Our mission is create quality shirts with unique, creative, and imaginative designs" - Aura Clothing

The "Dope" design is a recreation of the popular Obama "Hope" poster. Except instead of President Barrack Obama it's Bob Marley, and instead of reading "Hope" it says "Dope".

The "Blue Dream" design (on the left) shares the name of a popular marijuana strain, and probably takes some inspiration from it too. *wink wink

Click Here to check out the Aura Clothing Shop. They've given us a coupon code specifically for our users. Enter this Code "L1GH71UP" and get %15 off your entire purchase.


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