March 2, 2011 is the Marijuana Community "Listed" is a website that acts as a place for stoners to get links websites that are made especially for the marijuana community. Pot is taking over the internet, one website at a time. They also serve as a classifieds for the medical marijuana community.

This is also one of the many websites that Baked Life is working with in order to share our content with as many stoners as possible. The website taps into the news from every corner of the stoner community. From pure stoner nonsense, to celebrity gossip, to local and international news.

"It is our mission to integrate the community, consolidate it's information, and counteract the fragmentation that has plagued the industry due to prohibition." - 420 List

420 List is a new site, so go check them out and drop them a message about their site. They have the same drive as a lot of new sites directed at the marijuana sub culture. Stoners have been hidden underground for too long, and they're going to bubble up in an explosive eruption.


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