February 10, 2011

The Vapor Genie: It Looks Like a Pipe, It's a Vaporizer

The Vapor Genie is a one of a kind hand held vaporizer. When it comes to stoner technology the Vapor Genie is at the front of the curve.

The pipe utilizes a small ceramic barrier under the bowl to transform what looks like a regular pipe into a vaporizer.

What a vaporizer does is heat the weed to a high enough temperature to release the active ingredients (i.e. THC, Cannabinoids), without burning the plant material. This process saves the lungs from being bombarded with harmful carcinogens.

The question is, how does the Vapor Genie count as a vaporizer if it looks like a pipe? It might look like a pipe, but it's not and you don't use it like one either. Instead of packing your marijuana into the top, you pack it into a middle chamber that's visible after unscrewing and removing the large round top.

After screwing the top back on over your weed, you use a torch or lighter to heat the ceramic piece through the opening. The ceramic controls the temperature and only allows the weed to get hot enough for vaporization to occur. Yeah it's that cool.

Because of it's complexity the Vapor Genie isn't as easy or fast to use as a regular pipe, but it'll save your lungs a lot of trouble. I've used mine many times now and I can tell you it's pretty fun, and you still get plenty baked. The hits are much smoother too.

VaporGenie.com sells a few different versions of their pipe. The one I find most interesting is their new Glass Vapor Genie, but the classic wood one is an awesome buy too.

Check em out VaporGenie.com

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