February 8, 2011

Top 10 "Don't Go There" Marijuana Dispensary Tips From Helene the Hempress

Not all Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are the same. In the U.S. a few states allow the existence of medical marijuana dispensaries. These are places where people can go to buy legal marijuana. This is a new system, so there are still a lot of posers out there. Here is a guide to help you find out which dispensaries to stay away from.

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JEMM the Los Angeles Journal for Education on Medical Marijuana had an article this month from Helene the Hempress telling patients which dispensaries not to go to. Here's the list from that article.

Don't Go To Your Dispensary if...

1. If they say one thing and do another.

2. If they don't make sure that you get your specific Medical Strain.

3 If your dispensary doesn't behave like a drugstore pharmacy.

4. If you get the feeling that their back room is a Gang-Banger garage with guns.

5. If the dispensary is dealing with "greed growers" who mass-produce and don't care about quality.

6. If you feel you are not receiving quality medication at a fair price.

7. If your dispensary allows mold to get to your medicine.

8. If you don't feel safe, especially after dark.

9. If they try to sell you more than you need.

10. If they don't know kush from your tush.

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