February 17, 2011

Stoner TV is Marijuana Entertainment and Celebrity News from BakedLife.com

The newest addition to BakedLife.com is our Stoner TV page.

StonerTV.bakedlife.com is marijuana entertainment and with a spotlight on pot videos and stoner celebrities.

You can spend your time watching cool stoner videos from youtube with the "Stoner Tv Remote" widget or you can browse popular stoner entertainment news.

Baked Life is all about making the world of weed a little smaller so you can access it all right here whenever you want. Whether you're wondering which celebrity just got caught with pot, or what site has the coolest stoner media, come to Stoner TV to find out.

Stoner TV also keeps an eye out for upcoming indie musicians, and shares the coolest one's with you. Most recently we've been watching Nneka. She's a new R&B singer from Germany and Nigeria. Her music has clear African roots. Check her out and more at StonerTV.bakedlife.com.

Contact: Bakedlife@gmail.com

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