February 17, 2011

Real Girls Smoking Weed: A More Accurate Depiction of Stoner Chicks

Okay so a while back we reposted an article from a newbie stoner girl. She was talking about what she thought it meant to be a stoner chick. Apparently you all hated it. She said stoner chicks are lazy and don't care how they look.

To make right what we got so wrong I went to almighty Tumblr. Here are some real stoner girls, from the home of stoner chicks on the web fuckyeahstonerchicks.tumblr.com...

This is Olivia. She's the stoner chick who runs fuckyeahstonerchicks.tumblr.com as well as another one called fuckyeahstonerdudes and most notably ThingsStonersLike.com.

Here's what she said about her blog, " It’s become a place for everyone who shares a common interest to come together and feel as though they are part of a community that needs them just as much as they want to be a part of it. ... a place for us to talk about our thoughts, feelings, and whatever else our minds come up with when we’re riding along side Jimi Hendrix on a tricerotops. "

Okay this should have given a better Idea of what stoner girls are like. That is basically to say that no stereotype can sum them up. They're all different. They all smoke weed, but if anything that just enhances the uniqueness of their expression. Oh, and something about seeing girls toke really does make them more beautiful. Peace...

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