February 16, 2011

Most People Smoke Weed Whenever They Want to Regardless of Laws or Anything Else

As soon as you bring up pot people start talking about, addiction, society, children, unnecessary arrests, the economy and every other hot button issue out there.

For the average toker it's a much simpler issue, we wake up smoke a bowl, and then we run our errands or go to work.

Hollywood likes to make believe that everything is always as dramatic as possible, because that's how they make money. The thing is pot is just a blip in our societies progress.

Marijuana has been hidden away for a few decades because of the greed and prejudice of wealthy people who controlled young America. Now that the pressure has built up, we've been set up for an explosion of pot related awareness in our media, social circles, science and especially our government and laws.

That's why blogs like this exist, to monitor this area of cultural progress and to set the guidelines for an emerging culture. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration.

People who don't know much about marijuana are afraid of it. The negative attitudes towards pot and pot smokers, are fought back by people who are aggressively vocal about telling the truth about pot and it's benefits.

Most people however, are in the middle of this debate, and either they smoke pot once a week or maybe everyday, or they never do; either way they don't mind what other people do. For those who smoke everyday it's hardly the biggest part of their day. Pot is just another lifestyle element that expresses a specific vein, or niche.

Stoners don't really care about the big debates over the pros and cons. Stoners who have been smoking weed for years just don't care. They don't care if some people in Washington are debating the legalities of the issue. They don't even care if someone just got fired in Seatle, arrested in Denver, or won't get their transplant in Portland, just because they smoke weed. Those are really big issues, but when it comes down to it, it's just a plant they smoke.

Even though pot is still technically illegal. It's never been easier to use and it's never been less of an issue in the minds of those who use it. We all know it's just a matter of time before pot is legalized. The only people who'll be talking about it in detail by then are the super stoners like us. Peace...

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