February 10, 2011

HighRoulette.com - Random Videos for a Community of Stoners

HighRoulette.com is a yet another site devoted to building up the stoner commuinity. It's called High Roulette because you never know what you're going to get. You're a stoner at the mercy of randomness. The site offers a quick way to see something new from YouTube and have a place to talk about it with stoners.

Not all the videos on the site are about weed. If you know anything about how YouTube works, then you can guess that most of them are probably about cats. High Roulette has featured stoner videos though. They also have highTunes, highChat, and highGames. It's pretty obvious they're trying to make a site for people who are... high!

It might sound like a simple concept, and it is. It's basically just a site that helps you watch YouTube. That might sound redundant, but if you've ever been too stoned to know what you want to watch, you'll realize this is a godsend.

The folks at HighRoulette.com are our buddies so check them out and look for the BakedLife.com features in the sidebar. Peace...

Contact: Bakedlife@gmail.com

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