February 8, 2011

The Dispensary: Weed's First Reality TV Show Pitches Itself to Potheads

The Dispensary is a new reality show coming out of California. The title says it all. While it's not yet in production they've done a good job creating demand by putting up a great short trailer on YouTube.

Ambitious Films is appealing to the side of all of us that just wants to get rich fast. With a focus on how marijuana is making money, they've hit the ground running with their motto, "Who says Money doesn't Grow on Trees"

If this show get's picked up, viewers will be able to folllow the ups and downs of owning a pot dispensary in the heart of the booming medical marijuana business, California.

"Each episode takes viewers inside the doors of GreenCure, a medical marijuana dispensary in Venice, CA where Brian Swink and his hip, young, knowledgeable staff tend to an array of quirky characters attempting to buy, sell, trade and get medicated. The staff amusingly clashes with each other, patients and authorities while running the business together." AmbitiousFilms.com

Contact: Bakedlife@gmail.com

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